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Top Ten Uses of Color in Cinema & The World’s Favorite Color

Color is usually one of the things that we take for granted in the modern world. Growing up, I remember hearing...


The Nikon D850 Announced But Not Revealed

Nikon, we're all ears.


How To Use A Gimbal | Movements & Best Practices With Brandon Li

What are the most unbearable aspects of a poor video? Each to his own, but crap sound and shaky footage are typically...


Richard Prince May Soon Get What’s Been Coming | Judge Says Copyright Case Goes Forward

How do you feel about Richard Prince?

Canon 2-Day Live Wedding Workshop With Pye

NEW DATE: Oct 14th to 15th Early bird discount ($300 off) ends Aug 4th: $1200 ($1500 regular) register here! Lin and...


Balancing Flash and Ambient Light Using Inexpensive Strobes

Balancing natural light with strobes is a key skill, and needn't be hard.


3-Light OCF Setup With Magmod Modifiers

Always start with one light and then see how your scene can benefit with additional light sources. In Lighting 101 we...

Canon’s 6D Mark II Dynamic Range Worse Than Its Predecessor & APS-C 80D | Who Is It For?

What's Canon's purpose and game plan here?

Photoshop Skin Retouching | How to Micro Dodge & Burn with Curves

Zoë Noble breaks down her variation on D&B with curves that should be of help to many.

SLR Lounge Awards Artist Feature | Zoltan Jambor

We’re bringing you our next artist feature from one of our May Winners of SLR Lounge Awards!