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Improve Focus Accuracy With Autofocus Micro Adjustments

We photographers often discuss the merits and pitfalls of particular lenses, and one important area that we expect to...


Sony Sweeps The ‘Best Product’ Category At EISA Awards | Canon, Sigma, Nikon, Fuji Also Take A Few Spots

As another camera brand, seeing this collectively should be a call to action.


Sarah Oliphant Creates The World’s Most Sought After Backdrops – Here’s Why

Yes, backdrops make that much of a difference


Macphun Announces Aurora HDR 2018| Faster, With A Facelift, & Now For Windows

In the wake of Mac disappointing users with some recent releases, it looks as if more mac-exclusive software are...

4 Tips to Make the Most of a Messy Location

Imagine if you will walking into a bride’s hotel room on the morning of her wedding so that you can photograph...

Photoshop Better | Exploring The Abilities & Settings Of The Healing Brush

The healing brush is one of the most widely used tools in Photoshop and one of the very first tools that new...

Samsung Releases New T5 SSD | Tiny, Super Fast, & 4K Compatible

We've loved Samsung's tiny external SSDs since the original T1, and this one looks eve better.

Sharpening Your Images | How It Works, What To Look For, And Why To Tone It Down

There is a video doing the rounds right now that’s essentially a public service announcement by Tony Northrup...

Fujifilm Firmware Updates for 5 Cameras: GFX-50S, X-T2, X100, X-Pro2, X-T20

Fuji is back at it again with the updates across the board.

Sigma Releases Lens Bug Advisory | Noted Issues With Some Canon Bodies In Live View

Something to consider if you're looking to purchase third party lenses.