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Mo Holster Wow!  This image is pretty great!  I would add, however, that the light on the bride's face seems too harsh, so it leaves her face in shadow.... (show more)

Pierre Dunbar How can I improve the image? All feedback welcome.

Christina Ward This is my first attempt at shooting a sparkler exit. I am interested in... (show more)

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Timo Ilves I really like this photo. Well executed ;) To make it bit more interesting, have some people hold sparklers in front of camera.

Tom Love I’m looking for an overall critique. Also, do you think a... (show more)

Javier Villarreal General thoughts…

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Mino Mora Whenever I pose them like this i tell them to close their eyes, is weird they looking at eachother that close, with their eyes closed its a more intimate... (show more)

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Gianfranco Stellini Picture taken of the bride enjoying some champagne after her nuptials. I had to focus in between the gap of the car window and the roof of the car.