Elena Gallegos I am specifically wondering about the gradient where the sky is... (show more)

Duncan McLeod Composition, Lighting tips, positioning. Just general critique would be... (show more)

George Bohunicky Is that flare on the right-hand side too much? Without it this picture... (show more)

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Daniel Wimble Hi, loving their car and clothes so I would try a harder crop on the couple.  That hot area top right that pulls the eye across. 

Daniel Wimble Shot with a ad200 and rapid box. Any CC welcome as Im planning more... (show more)

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CRYSTAL YOUHANA Awesome job capturing true emotion you can feel it coming through the image! The one thing I would suggest is possibly to up your exposure just a touch so... (show more)

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Alton Lawrence Critique of lighting exposure and white balance

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Ben Amaral Shot is a bit bright, I would try to remove the plastic bags and garbage around the fruit and maybe just stick with the fruit, chair counter and walls.