Nehal Shah How can I improve this overall picture, and in particular, the posing?... (show more)

Becky Hagen Could have I captured this at a different angle to give it more feeling?... (show more)

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Keoni Michael Aloha Becky! I love their expressions!  That feeling is there because of that but if you captured this further right that gorgeous highlight would be on... (show more)

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Linda Schuster What do you think about this image.? Could I have done anything different?

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Keoni Michael Aloha Linda, Lovely image. I do like how the tree leads your eye in their direction. In my humble opinion, I would have loved to see the couple’s feet... (show more)

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Alcides Arboleda Hi, This was my first couple sesion, I did it before seeing this video,... (show more)

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Dan Wade Nice composition. I would have maybe shot this at eye level, shooting this low makes the bottom half of her bottom seem larger, which isnt always flatterning.

Viraj Nachankar This was shot with magnetmod MagGrid and 1/2 CTO Gel on Ad200 from above... (show more)

Cody LaCrosse Natural Light Couples Open Pose

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Adrian Van Leeuwen Fantastic expressions! ISO could have been a bit higher as skin tones are quite dark. Some more work in post should be able to adjust this nicely for more... (show more)

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