Will Santiago how do you control the hair light?

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Matthew Saville Oh the left of this composition there is a much darker portion of shadow in the background; if you had framed her hair against this, it would have "popped".... (show more)

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Anthony DeLaurentis Just looking for some general CC on this one… Freshly painted... (show more)

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Mel L I love this photo. What a beautiful piece of road scenery.  I personally wouldn't touch the yellow in the road lines - they blend very well with the... (show more)

lj hill I enjoy taking pictures of flowers but don’t know what constitutes... (show more)

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alex kennedy one good thing is that the differences/boarders of background elements don't intersect with the flower.  You should get much closer to the flower so it... (show more)

Greg Sargent Overall composition. Does it all work together and what can I improve on?

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alex kennedy greg, I would avoid putting the lighting directly through the people and boat.  maybe offset the lightning bolts.  if they intersect they tend to... (show more)

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alex kennedy Jordan Lake in Acadia NP. Looking for composition and post processing... (show more)

Brandon Toma This was a posed couples shot taken about 1 hour before sunset. I used... (show more)

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Pye Jirsa Lighting from right to left, and a small adjustment in his neck will also help to better reveal his jawline. 

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Rey Ayala How is my black and white post production? thanks

James Knights Did this image in black and white originally but the skin tones, i think... (show more)

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Christopher Lin Great moment captured.  Either B&W or color works for this photo.  Photojournalistic, timeless moments often look great in black and white, but... (show more)