Stephen Mayo The assignment was for negative space. I wished that the sky... (show more)

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Stephen Mayo Thanks Matt. This was nowhere near the the west coast. In fact, it was from the opposite end of the country! I appreciate the feedback.

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Spencer Johnson [Assignment: Histogram and Highlight Alert Practice] The angle of the... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I think this exposure is pretty perfect, your final image is EXTREMELY accurate to what my eyes are used to seeing in the real world, from highlights to... (show more)

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Nicholas de Roulhac Spot metering assignment, did nothing in post.

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Matthew Saville With all THAT said, to be honest I would have preferred of course to just try and shade her jaw etc. from the sun altogether, if possible. Of course I know... (show more)

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David Hill Just remember that shooting at 26mm (wide angle) and placing your subjects close to the frame edge, it will distort their features and make them wider than... (show more)

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