Nehal Shah How can I improve this overall picture, and in particular, the posing?... (show more)

Gianluca Savino I did this shot to a friend of mine that needed of some pics for his... (show more)

Steve Martin I was able to rent a studio and use my lighting techniques indoors for... (show more)

Kaden Classen I don’t have anything specific I want help on, but I’m... (show more)

JJ Jordan I’ve tried to create a strong, dynamic portrait of this young and... (show more)

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JJ Jordan Thank you Paul, much appreciate your opinion :)

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Alcides Arboleda Hi, this is my first low key photo, and I really want to know what you... (show more)

Eileen Devereux Does the fact that the earring is out of focus pull too much focus from... (show more)

Sandybell Photography Please comment . Like, dislike and why ?

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Paul Robinson Sandy, I have to agree with what Pye has said about this image. Your subject is beautiful so it's best to bring her beauty out by changing her pose and... (show more)

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