Melissa Soto Any input on improving the water fall on this photo. My eye keeps going... (show more)

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Skip I would have considered having the couple walk toward you. It would have made them larger in the image. For me they are lost in the image. The image is... (show more)

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Azaria Chavira Does the hand bug you? What do you like and dislike about this image?

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Mel L My first time commenting.  Your photo really caught my attention - the girl has such striking eyes. The only thing that bothered me was the orientation... (show more)

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James Knights Did this image in black and white originally but the skin tones, i think... (show more)

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Christopher Lin Great moment captured.  Either B&W or color works for this photo.  Photojournalistic, timeless moments often look great in black and white, but... (show more)

Paran Singh How can i get more professional lighting in this picture

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Vladimir Plavac Really an amazing composition, really stunning. You might have added some more backlight but that's probably nit-picking as you asked for it :p 

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beth mann Given that I shot this in front of a mirror, I was having trouble... (show more)

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Christopher Lin beautiful and artistic

Lydia Hansen Any tips?

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Rolando Cocom I like it, except it does look strange to me for her fingers to be so dark. But it also works artistically